Mattress Protectors

Your mattress is your most valuable piece in the bedroom – investment value as well as in quality rest for body and soul.

  1. The mattress and pillows needs protection against spills of refreshments, medicine, blood, perspiration, urine etc. which marks and spoils your mattress or pillows, and
  2. You, or your guest, needs protection against dust mites, bed bugs and other allergens causing allergies, sinusitis, asthma and psoriasis.

See article in this blog on Dust Mites – the problem and the solution.

So, it makes good sense to invest in proper protection and good health and save on replacements and medication.

Mattress protectors fit like a fitted sheet. Pillow protectors have a zippers. Various protectors to choose from:

Quilted Wetsafe

Quilted Wetsafe protectors

Quilted polycotton fabric infused with polyurethane film.

  • breathable, soft, no noise, no fluids penetrating

Quilted polycotton, no fluid barrier

Towelling Wetsafe 

Super absorbent stretch towelling with an ultra thin layer of polyurethane infused in the fabric.

  • breathable, soft, no noise, no fluids penetrating

Mattress Converters

Instantly converts two Single beds to a King bed.20mm thick density sponge covered on top with Jacquard satin mattress fabric and quilted, polycotton cover at the back.

Looks exactly like a mattress with elastic over the corners to fit securely.

Base wrap in mock suede

Base covers

Replace night frills with these base covers in various basic colours made with mock suede.

Elastic at the top and bottom ensures secure fitting.

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