How to Clean a Toilet

You cleaned the bowl and an the floor but… did you clean the underside of the seat? How about that area between the seat and the tank? And what about the gloop on the floor behind the back of the toilet?

Now, sit on the toilet, like a guest would. Look down. What do you see? Is the skirting clean? Are the corners of the floors clean?

The toilet is one of the most-used seats in your home, guesthouse and hotel and—no surprise—one of the ickiest.

But it doesn’t take tons of time or loads of elbow grease to get that porcelain throne sparkling clean. Here’s your no-fail, no-germ-left-behind guide to getting the job done.

What you need to clean the throne

  • disinfecting spray and wipes
  • paper towels
  • a sturdy pair of cleaning gloves
  • a toilet bowl cleaner. (You can DIY your own with salt, oxygen bleach, and baking soda or white vinegar and baking soda. Or opt for a store-bought brand that uses hydrogen peroxide or oxygen bleach
  • tiff-bristle toilet brush
  • pumice stone on a stick
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Clean outside the porcelain

When cleaning the commode, most people focus on porcelain’s interior—but the outside also needs attention. Grab that disinfecting spray and liberally spritz the entire exterior of the toilet, including harder to reach areas like the back of the base and the underside of the seat.

Also spritz the walls behind and beside the toilet. The floor and walls around the toilet are prime spots for microscopic splatter.

The crucial step—let the cleaner sit for at least five minutes.

Many people spray and then immediately wipe away, but you have to give the cleaners time to do their thing,

While you’re waiting, move on to the toilet’s interior.

Clean inside the porcelain/commode

Turn the water valve at the base of the toilet off, flush once, and the bowl will be empty. You can now use a mild cleaner with and get squeaky-clean results.

Or you can mix your own toilet bowl cleaner.

1 cup table salt,

1 cup baking soda

1 cup oxygen bleach (such as OxiClean).

Sprinkle the toilet bowl liberally. The baking soda removes any gunky build-up, the salt is a natural abrasive for scrubbing, and the oxygen bleach cleans and disinfects.

Whichever toilet bowl cleaner you prefer, use generously and remember to apply some under the bowl’s rim.

Then, while you’re waiting 5 to 10 minutes for those suds to fully work, turn your attention back to the toilet’s exterior.

Wipe it down

Use a paper towel, wipe the disinfectant off the toilet’s exterior, working from the top to the bottom. Use a clean paper towel over walls and then floor surrounding the toilet as well. Especially if you have guests with bad aim, you’ll be amazed at how yellow and dirty your paper towel gets. oScrub Out Stains

Grab a stiff-bristled toilet brush to scrub the bowl’s interior and under the rim. If there is a yellow rim in the toilet bowl try use a light sandpaper to remove the discoloration.

REMEMBER: To turn the toilet’s water back on, then flush to rinse the bowl

Clean your tools

Clean your toilet brush with bleach. Pour bleach or cleaning solution over its end, into the toilet bowl. Wait a bit, then rinse with water. Clean the brush’s container by filling it with warm, soapy water. Don not put the damp brush back in the container. Let the brush dry out completely before putting it away, to prevent bacteria growth.

Before you take off your gloves wash it with soap and hot water. This way you will not get your hands dirty and get every inch of the gloves clean. Fully dry the gloves before putting them away.

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