How to Prevent Static Cling

Static cling when you’re trying to fold a load of laundry quickly is not your friend.

I actually really like my dryer sheets and can always tell right away when I’ve forgotten to add one in.

I use a brand that’s natural, biodegradable, healthier, safer, and all that, but it’s still nice to know there’s a cheaper, scent free, longer lasting option out there. Plus it’s just neat to do little experiments and try stuff out!

You start out with 2-3 sheets of aluminium foil (*update: The sheets were about a foot long each, although I don’t think exact size matters*) and you ball them up together.


Then you toss it into your dryer along with your clothes! That’s it!

The ball came out looking a little smoother afterwards from bumping around in there, but other than that, no real visible change.

And the laundry? Well, it still looked just like laundry but it was completely static-free! It’s a little bit amazing. AND, you can supposedly use the same ball for up to a year!

Did I really just show you a big ol’ pile of my laundry waiting to be folded? Yes I did.

I hope this one comes in handy for you next time you run out of dryer sheets, or if you just want to do a little experimenting like me.

I love little tricks like this!

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