Keep your Towels White, Bright, Fresh and Fluffy

Grey white towels?

If you have white towels, you may notice that they are not as white as they used to be.  Wouldn’t you love to have towels or sheets as white as in a hotel.  In order to get your towels back to smelling fresh and sparkling white, try the following solutions –

• Always wash whites separately and make sure to pre-treat stains as soon as possible, before any heat gets applied by the tumble dryer, sun or by ironing

• Use a commercial pre-treat or make a sudsy mixture of an enzyme cleaner and water. Apply, rub and let it sit for a few hours. Be careful with bleach as it can destroy the fabric.

• Put hydrogen peroxide in the bleach dispenser, soap in the soap dispenser and ½ cup white vinegar in the softener dispenser. Commercial softener reduces the absorbency of your towels and chlorine bleach, if used incorrectly, may damage the fibre.

• Rinse very well. Add an extra rinse cycle if necessary.

• The old fashioned Reckitts Blue are still working wonders!

If you have discovered better solutions, please share them . . .
… and if you can’t salvage your white towels and need to replace them . . .
we’ll find brand new ones for you! !

Colored towels can be lovely, but white towels are more versatile.  White cotton terry towels are a classic choice and they can be bleached, which is key.

More tips … During the week:

Hang wet towels to dry right away.  Hang properly, which means in as thin a layer as possible.  No bunching!  The towels need to dry quickly so mildew and mold don’t have the opportunity to form.

Wash towels at least weekly

Any longer between washings and trouble is more likely to arise.  Hang towels to dry, and then place towels in hamper.  Don’t leave piles of wet towels around waiting for laundry day.

Don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets.

This may seem counter intuitive, but fabric softeners work by depositing a thin layer of wax on the fibers, and this decreases the absorbency of the towels. A little bit of vinegar acts as softener.

Remove wet items from the washing machine promptly.

Don’t give mildew an opportunity to set in.

Dry the towels.

Dry on high in the dryer, hang on a clothesline, or try a combination to save energy.  The dryer kills more germs than the actual wash cycle. For pure freshness, hang towels outside to dry in the sunshine.  The sun’s rays sanitize the towels, making this a healthy choice as well.  If you don’t like the crispness of line-dried towels, try a clothesline-dryer combination.

Fold neatly until ready to use.

Shield your clean towels from dust by storing them in a cabinet or linen cupboard.

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