Sizes matter much

Before ordering, do these few checks and order accurately…

  • Size of your beds – Standard or Extra Long (XL)
  • Depth of mattress – Standard or Extra Depth (XD – measure)
  • Width of your single beds – people often get confused with Single or 3/4 sizes.

Buying to small, remains too small and will be a frustration and loss forever.

  • Duvets and duvet covers – always buy one size bigger than the bed size, it always looks so much nicer and really is much more comfortable for the guest. Remember to check the sizes of the duvets currently on your beds – don’t assume their size.

Imagine a big guy trying to remain under his single duvet…

What were your thoughts when coming into a pretty room, and then . . . the mattress isn’t properly covered by the duvet?

Someone once remarked it is like a chubby girl with a mini skirt that is too short!

It is always a good idea to buy your duvet inner one size bigger than the mattress, for good over hang.

If your duvet was an investment and you don’t feel like replacing it, try this . . .

Buy an oxford duvet cover. This is a duvet cover finished with a border of approximately 5 cm all around, which will allow for more coverage.

  • Pillows – Size: Standard pillows work on all beds, BUT King pillows look really chic on Single and King beds, as they lie from side to side.

Never skimp on the quality of pillows. Cheap pillows don’t last and let your guest leave grumpy, frustrated and not happy! – See the article on duvets and pillows.

  • Finishing on pillow cases and duvets: Oxford is a broad band around the case; Oxford satin stitch is a row embroidered on the inner seam of the oxford band – very classy; Standard is just standard…


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